1. Pathways
    Finding Rhythms and School Ground Sounds

  2. I've Been Thinking
    Finding Rhythms and YMCA North London

  3. Rhythms and Flow Series: Part 1
    Finding Rhythms and Only Connect

  4. 6 Days Of Magic
    Finding Rhythms at Rugby Portobello Trust

  5. HMP Rochester
    HMP Rochester

  6. Long Drive Home
    HMP Chelmsford

  7. Collective Soul
    HMP Chelmsford

  8. How Men Prevail
    HMP Chelmsford

  9. Let's Get Free
    HMP Chelmsford

  10. School Ground Sounds - Lambeth
    School Ground Sounds

  11. True Talent
    HMP Chelmsford

  12. Back To Real
    HMP Thameside

  13. Successful Struggles
    Rugby Portobello Trust

  14. Freedom Is A Must
    HMYOI Brinsford

  15. Dreams and Nightmares
    HMP Forest Bank

  16. The Collective
    HMP Bronzefield

  17. Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay? Yes it does, £2.50 a week!
    HMP Peterborough

  18. Bars In Their Eyes
    HMP Parc

  19. Life We're Living
    Cardiff HMP 2018

  20. Stronger

  21. Sounds On The Farm

  22. Breakaway

  23. Whatever She Said

  24. Stronger | Essex CRC | Finding Rhythms
    Finding Rhythms | Essex CRC

  25. Bars From The Pen

  26. Parc Life

  27. No Time To Lose

  28. From Within

  29. 'Muda' Susie

  30. Songs of Incarceration

  31. Don't Sleep On Me

  32. Sounds Of Conviction

  33. Light and Dark
    Finding Rhythms | ISIS HMYOI

  34. Found Our Rhythm

  35. Joint Venture

  36. Light In The Dark

  37. Nowhere To Roam

  38. Hard Times

  39. Painting Pictures

  40. View from The Hill

  41. Start From Scratch

  42. Real Life

  43. Freedom To Write

  44. Songs from The Cells

  45. Echoes From Our Time

  46. One Day Too Long

  47. Clouds In My Judgement

  48. Doing Bird

  49. I'm Winning

  50. This Town

  51. Dream Chaser

  52. Notes and Bars
    Finding Rhythms at HMP Wormwood Scrubs

  53. All Mod Cons
    Finding Rhythms at HMP Wormwood Scrubs

  54. Scrubs Sessions 2006
    Inmates at HMP Wormwood Scrubs


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